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TASCAM Talkback

From a leader in products for every segment of the sound and music industry comes a podcast for podcasters and streamers. Eagerly immersing itself in this booming audio/streaming/voice realm, TASCAM is delivering this show every other week to speak to beginner, intermediate, and advanced broadcasters. Content will include in-depth How To, News, Tips, Tricks, and spotlights on new Hardware and Software. We'll also be speaking with Podcasters, gamers, content producers and hardware designers - the very people who make podcasting happen.

TASCAM Talkback can also be heard via iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and TuneIn Radio.

Join the converation! email us at  talkback@tascam.com with comments, questions or toprics for upcoming shows.


EPISODE 14 : Promoting Your Podcast

Our show host has presented at two podcasting conferences on the topic of "ways to promote your podcast" and our listeners are the beneficiaries as he does an audio version for Episode 14 of "TASCAM Talkback." He explains why "build it and they will come" is the wrong attitude to have toward drawing attention to your podcast and says that social media is not the only means of promotion that a podcaster should be using. Instead, he lists a number of methods that can be employed to gain more notice for your podcast.

EPISODE 13 : Podcast Hosting – Where it Lives, Not Who’s Behind the Mic

Conversations with representatives from two different podcast hosting companies, detailing what it is, why you need it, how you choose such a service and what they can do for you. You’ll hear how to get your show out there but also why you shouldn’t just host your podcast through your website. Plus, there is talk, of course, about podcast stats, but even who not to rely on them from.

EPISODE 12 : A Podcast Editing Journey

Listen as our show host describes where he started and the point he has come to in his podcasting endeavors, specifically in the area of the learning curve - and the growing pains - toward doing edits himself rather than outsourcing. Also discussed are considerations for YOUR podcasting journey, plus questions for you to consider on this topic as well as those that you might want to send in to talkback@tascam.com for inclusion on a future, related episode that gets teased on this 12th installment of TASCAM Talkback.

EPISODE 11 : Legal Aspects of Podcasting

Three different attorneys -- one of them a podcaster -- weigh in on the growing importance of the legal aspects of podcasting, whether you're a hobbyist or doing this as a business and monetizing with sponsors (or somewhere in between). What is the difference between a copyright, a trademark, and a patent, and which of these do you need to know about for which aspect(s) of your podcasting efforts? What about expressing opinions on your podcast? How about sponsor relationships? Hear what Shawn Yesner, Chris Tanner, and Jamie Marcario say on these topics and more. Then go to this E-CFR page and this FTC PDF as alluded to by Marcario.

EPISODE 10 : From Radio to Streaming to Podcasting

Are radio broadcasters moving to podcasting? Are any podcasters also doing radio? What IS the future of terrestrial radio? Bryan Seeley from Broadcast Supply Worldwide talks on Episode 10 of our podcast about trends and behaviors that he is seeing in this regard, from the perspective of a company that has served the radio industry for many, many years, and is now heavily engaged with the podcast market. Hear about related gear trends, how artificial intelligence might (or might not) have an impact in the near future, and more.

EPISODE 9 : Podcasting Networks Do’s Don’ts and When and Why

Whether you're a beginner and want to set a target, or an intermediate podcaster with good stats, or an advanced user with multiple shows already doing this, Episode 9 provides helpful insights into podcasting networks. Is it right for you? When and why should you set one up? Jonathan London from Geekscape (five podcasts on the network) and Glenn Hebert from Horse Radio Network (15 shows) provide insights from their experience.

EPISODE 8 : Patreon and Monetizing Without Sponsor Ads

As evidenced by an episode length that exceeds or usual running time, monetizing podcasts is an extremely popular topic. On Episode 8 of TASCAM Talkback two guests provide insights into methods that don't involve finding sponsors and having their ads be your only revenue source. Jennifer Briney of the Congressional Dish podcast talks about her listeners contributing via paper checks, PayPal, and Patreon, and then the latter source is explored deeply with Jonathon Oakes from Trivial Warfare who is bringing in a notable sum each month from the platform.

EPISODE 7 : Can Your Listeners Hear Your Room?

Where do you record? What -- that you don't want -- is being picked up on the recording? Has the room been treated, acoustically? On Episode 7 you hear the show recorded in a home studio before and after acoustic panels. Plus, a sound engineer weighs in on the subject, with tips and tricks given out for shortcuts in case you're not ready to go all in yet with the full-on approach. The host even runs down a list of common noises around you that need to be prevented from occurring before you press Record.

EPISODE 6 : Podcasting and Streaming Headache Healed

A follow-up to the recent announcement about such, Episode 6 discusses the TASCAM MiniSTUDIO Creator updates and what, thus, has been made possible. Our show host talks with TASCAM Director of Marketing Eric Larsen about how the unit upgrades came to be. Plus, podcaster Mike Ehmcke talks about the workaround that he no longer needs to employ with the co-hosts across his network. The features and benefits of the MiniSTUDIO, getting the software and firmware updates for it, recording from Skype or Google Hangouts, are all covered on this edition of TASCAM Talkback.

EPISODE 5 : There WILL Be Mistakes.

Our host uses Episode 5 to give first-hand examples of podcasting mistakes that he has made and lessons learned, relative to solutions for overcoming these incidents - or, at least, preparing in advance in order to avoid encountering these scenarios yourself. This episode will help you navigate through possibilities such as these in your podcasting endeavors and it also serves as an invitation to contribute to the community with examples of your own that others can learn from.

EPISODE 4 : Streaming radio, different from podcasting, with Gene Turnbow

Gene Turnbow of Krypton Radio talks about how he gets interviews with people who otherwise would turn you away (and why) and getting around permissions along the way. Plus, he discusses how he went from gaming online alongside one hour of music on a loop to having the only streaming radio station on the Internet doing Sci-Fi geek culture radio all the time. He also refers to live DJs versus auto-DJs. All this without a traditional brick and mortar station or studio. Gene also describes the challenge of USB microphones in a multiple microphone environment and the challenge of music licensing and why the latter is a factor in the difference between streaming and podcasting. He even invites content submissions!

EPISODE 3 : An Interview About Podcast Interviews with Jessica Rhodes

An interview with Jessica Rhodes about interviews! She is the Founder and CEO of Interview Connections and is a part of two podcasts herself. This episode addresses interviews from both sides of the mic, helping you whether you are doing the interviewing or the one answering the questions – or both. From guest bookings to "uh oh, the guest used profanity," there are lots of notes to be taken during this third installment of TASCAM Talkback.

EPISODE 2 : Interview with Chris Krimitsos

Episode 2 provides a testimonial to the popularity of podcasting as presented through various research statistics that are given by the host as well as an interview with Chris Krimitsos, the executive producer of "The Messengers: A Podcast Documentary," which was just released last week after having reached number 1 on iTunes during pre-sales. For more on the film project, visit TheMessengersDoc.com

EPISODE 1 : Introducing TASCAM Talkback

What this podcast is, why TASCAM is doing it, what to expect, TASCAM products for podcasting and streaming, who the host is, who TASCAM is, the definition of a podcast, and more!