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2014-10-10TASCAM Unveils US-16x08 Multichannel Audio Interface
2014-10-10DR-10C Records from Lavaliere Mics
2014-10-10TASCAM DR-10X Turns Any Mic into an ENG Recorder
2014-10-10TASCAM HS-20 Provides Automated Recording and Networking
2014-10-10TASCAM CD-240 Combines CD Playback with Network Audio
2014-10-10TASCAM Updates CD-A550mkII and 202mkVI
2014-10-01TASCAM Updates DSLR Recorder to DR-60DmkII
2014-09-18Using TASCAM Interfaces with Mac OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks and 10.10 Yosemite
2014-09-15TASCAM Announces DR-22WL Portable Recorder With WiFi
2014-09-15TASCAM Releases DR-44WL Portable Recorder with WiFi
2014-09-15TASCAM Launches US-2x2 and US-4x4 Audio Interfaces
2014-07-30HS-2 and HS-2000 - New Upgraded Version 1.20 of Firmware Released
2014-07-15TASCAM Releases Three Master Clock Generators
2014-07-15TASCAM DR-05 Gets Major Recording Update
2014-07-10HS-8 - New Upgraded Version 1.40 of Firmware Released
2014-04-28UH-7000 Driver and Firmware Updated
2014-04-25TASCAM Launches CD-RW900MKII & CD-RW901MKII
2014-04-25TASCAM Updates CC-222mkIV
2014-04-25Known issue with TASCAM USB Audio Devices and System Audio in Windows 8.1 Update.
2014-01-31TASCAM DA-3000 received "Rock oN AWARD 2014" at NAMM

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