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2015-11-27TASCAM DR-701D New Upgraded Version 1.01 of Firmware Released
2015-09-09TASCAM DA-6400 Captures 64 Tracks in Single Rackspace
2015-09-02TASCAM Premieres Celesonic US-20x20 Multichannel Interface/Mic Pre/Mixer
2015-09-02TASCAM VL-S3 Brings Studio Monitoring to Every Desktop
2015-09-02TASCAM TRACKPACK 4x4 Creates an Instant Home Studio
2015-06-17Free TASCAM Hi-Res Editor Software Released
2015-04-08TASCAM Launches TM-80 Studio Condenser Mic
2015-03-02TASCAM TRACKPACK 2x2 Recording System Announced
2015-01-22TASCAM VL-S5 Monitors Combine Accuracy and Value
2015-01-22TASCAM DR-680mkII Adds Recording and Storage Features
2015-01-15TASCAM Winter Rebates – Save up to $100 through March 31st
2014-11-18TASCAM Updates DR Control Wi-Fi app for iOS and Android
2014-11-03TASCAM Holiday Rebates – Save up to $100 through Dec 31st
2014-11-03TASCAM Announces DR-70D Audio Recorder for DSLR
2014-10-10TASCAM Unveils US-16x08 Multichannel Audio Interface
2014-10-10DR-10C Records from Lavaliere Mics
2014-10-10TASCAM DR-10X Turns Any Mic into an ENG Recorder
2014-10-10TASCAM HS-20 Provides Automated Recording and Networking
2014-10-10TASCAM CD-240 Combines CD Playback with Network Audio
2014-10-10TASCAM Updates CD-A550mkII and 202mkVI

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