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112RmkII - Bi-Directional Broadcast Series Cassette Deck

This model has been discontinued. It has been replaced with the 202MKV.


TASCAM's 112RmkII employs the same professional functions as the 112mkII, but raises the ante with a bi-directional mechanism and a three-head recording system. This is the ideal deck for many long-format playback or recording situations.

Three head decks like the 112RmkII offer the advantage of confidence monitoring. This means you are monitoring to the audio from the tape while recording, since the record and repro functions are on separate heads. Confidence monitoring saves you a tremendous amount of time in setting levels, since you can instantly hear what the tape will sound like. Two head decks simply monitor the input during recording, and the tape during play... you won't know if you overloaded until you rewind and play back.

Most three head cassette decks on the market are not bi-directional, since you can't switch the order of the record and repro heads. The 112RmkII gets around this by mounting the record and repro heads on a heavy-duty rotating mechanism. This mechanism allows you to flip the direction of the tape, and keep your heads in the right order.

Of course, the bi-directional mechanism offers selectable playback functions, from play one side and stop, play both sides and stop, or continue looping. The 112RmkII also offers all of the functions found on the 112mkII, including locate points, return to zero, looping, MPX filters, Dolby NR and HX Pro.

The optional RC-112R wired remote is designed to work with the 112RmkII. The optional LA-112 balancing kit adds XLR balanced ports.