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CC-222MKII - CD Recorder / Cassette Combination Deck

This model has been discontinued. It has been replaced with the CC-222MKIV.


The CC-222mkII is the world's first CD recorder and cassette recorder combo deck, bringing the two most popular consumer media formats in one very affordable package. The two decks can be used independently, perhaps for playback of material on one deck while the other deck is recording. Or, you can use both decks for continuous play between the two decks.

The cassette deck provides Dolby B Noise Reduction for better sounding recordings. A ±12% pitch control allows for varied speeds during recording or playback. This is ideal for performers, allowing them to adjust pitch and tempo to suit their needs.

For installations, a timer function can be utilized, automatically engaging the CD deck into play when the machine is turned on.

Discrete I/O is provided for each deck on unbalanced RCAs, allowing truly independent operation. Digital I/O for the CD recorder is provides on SPDIF coax and optical ports. The new version of the CC-222 adds 24-bit conversion for the CD recorder, a digital attenuator for the analog inputs and unrestricted digital copies through the digital I/O.

As a bonus, a phono input is provided with the proper preamps and RIAA EQ circuits built in. This allows direct connection of a turntable for creating CD or cassette masters of your favorite LPs.

The RC-222 wireless remote control is included with the CC-222mkII.