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DA-3000 - High Definition Audio Master Recorder



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“In audio, newer isn't always better. I've been a huge proponent of the DV-RA1000 since first it came out. But TASCAM has really raised the bar in the DA-3000 recorder with highly improved A/D and D/A, a much better power supply, and an incredible and intuitive user interface.”

– Bill Schnee (Steely Dan, Marvin Gaye, Chicago, Dire Straits)

“My high-rez recording work with "live on location" jazz has been enhanced to a literal "maximum" by a series of units from TASCAM that have made recording in-the-field more portable, more intuitive and more acoustically vivid. Among the indispensable Tascam gear that I take to jazz clubs, concert halls and outdoor venues is the ear-opening, pleasure-inducing DA-3000 unit that refuses to balk or obtrude on my work in any way.  If there's been a recording device that fulfills its high quality sonic objectives with trouble-free ease and delight, this box is first in line for such an award.  The only thing that might be better than the DA-3000 is two of them.”

– Jim Merod (BluePort Sound / BluePort Jazz, Wynton Marsalis, Herbie Hancock, Ella Fitzgerald)

Mizuo Miura, Kotaro Kosaka and Takuya Kato(MIXER'S LAB)

Special discussion
A conversation with three engineers at MIXERS LAB about the sound of the DA-3000 and the potentials of DSD

Cooperation : MIXER'S LAB
Mixer's Lab is a recording studio complex located at Azabu, Tokyo, established in 1979.

We had a discussion with three MIXERS LAB engineers in their Studio A, where a DA-3000 is being used for mixing. Mizuo Miura, Kotaro Kosaka and Takuya Kato gave us their impressions and opinions about the sound quality and usability of the DA-3000.


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Stellar Sound Award"After much use, it is our opinion, that no product deserves an Everything Audio Network Stellar Sound Award more than the DA-3000. It is that good. I plan to buy two. One for the audiophile rack and one for the recording rig." Read the Review


TASCAM DA-3000 used as 24-track DSD recorder by Blue Note Japan


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“Set for 192 kHz PCM operation or at either of its DSD bitrates, the DA-3000 is almost undetectable from the analog source. I can’t stress enough how “faithful to source” the DA-3000 is, especially in DSD mode where I could not discern it from the analog source at all when listening to very familiar source material.”

– Allen Farmelo, Tape Op Magazine, July 2014
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The DA-3000 was published in the SOUND DESIGNER, a recording magazine in Japan. This article was written by interview to Mr. Masato Tobisawa, a famous Japanese recording engineer. This article was translated by TEAC, under license from Sound Designer, inc.
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