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DP-008 - Compact 8-track Digital Portastudio

This model has been discontinued. It has been replaced with the DP-008EX.


NAMM University Best in Show


"Tascam has injected new life into the bedroom studio with the new TASCAM DP-008. True to form, Tascam has kept things simple, but it has also given this little box (which sells for about $300) enough trimmings to serve as the hub of a true home studio." [read more]

Future Music 

"The DP-008 is a tremendous value proposition and exemplifies how the latest digital technology can truly elevate a traditional approach to songwriting." [read more]

Music Connection

"I'm using my DP for capturing vocals or guitar parts easily out on the road. I don't have to bring a computer, interface or even a microphone if in a pinch and it all fits into a large coat pocket." [read more]