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DR-680 - 8-track Portable Digital Recorder

This model has been discontinued. It has been replaced with the DR-680MKII.


Harmony Central review "I must say the DR-680 surprised me. If this had been around when Nagra field recorders ruled the world, they wouldn’t have ruled the world much longer. Looking at all these applications makes the DR-680 far more desirable than being “just a field recorder,” but the price is right, too. With the current street price hovering just over $800, that’s a lot of value. Those who are willing to spend a few hundred dollars for a quality portable stereo recorder should consider the pros and cons of stretching the extra bucks to go multitrack; it only takes a few live recording situations to demonstrate the usefulness of multitrack portable recording." - Craig Anderton

Mix Magazine review "A great little recorder...Recording quality is impressive and monitoring well-executed, as the headphone mixer is very easy to grasp. A small speaker lets you reference recordings quickly without headphones."

Everything Audio Network "For the money, the TASCAM DR-680 does multichannel recording with quality that was unheard of in my days of full time PCM digital recording. If you consider its features, performance and utility, the TASCAM DR-680 is a steal. Its range of uses include home recording of musical instruments — all the way to a professional live multitrack session at a club venue. I told the boss to give it an Everything Audio Network Stellar Sound Award. He heartily agreed." - Tom Jung

Everything Audio Network