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DV-RA1000HD - High-Resolution Recorder with 60GB Hard Drive

This model has been discontinued. It has been replaced with the DA-3000.


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Click to read the article"I was using the stock Pro Tools converters, and I made a comparison to printing [a mix] on your [DV-RA1000HD]. And it sounded significantly better recording DSD."

Allen Sides
Frank Sinatra, Phil Collins, Green Day, two Grammy awards

Click to read the article"When I got the Front of House job with Steely Dan, they told me that they would like recordings of every sound check and show. I knew I wanted to use these great sounding DV-RA1000s. I have used them for the last three years of world touring with Steely Dan. They have taken some very rough rides around the world and performed flawlessly."

John "J.R." Robins
Seal, Steely Dan, Prince

Click to read the article"Finally there is a digital answer to analog half inch. The converters sound amazing and the functions are clear and well thought out. At this point I can't live without it!"

Andrew "Mudrock" Murdock
Revolution Mother, Throwdown, Djanjo Bates


Click to read the article"What I love about the DV-RA1000HD is how it pulls me into listening to more music when I turn it on! Sometimes it sounds like I can reach out and touch a musician or vocalist - which really makes the DV-RA an audiophile piece of gear!"

David Issac
Stevie Wonder, Marcus Miller, Eric Clapton, three Grammy™ awards



"The DV-RA is a big improvement over the Masterlink" - Tape Op Magazine (click for full review)