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This model has been discontinued.



GVI Sound Set

It's all about the sounds. Included in GVI are some of the best instruments in the world provided by the following companies:

Providing the GVI Factory Soundbank, premier soundware developer SONiVOX has delivered a vast selection of instruments for GVI. Ranging from essentials from their acclaimed "Complete Symphonic Collection" to wild synth based instruments. The GVI Factory Soundbank by SONiVOX provides you with the perfect palette of instruments to get you started in the wonderful world of GVI.

About SONiVOX:

SONiVOX (formerly Sonic Implants) is an award winning developer of multi-sample instruments. From the coveted Sonic Implants Complete Symphonic Collection to their new offering MUSE, SONiVOX instruments are known for their pristine audio quality and unrivaled playability. To find out more about SONiVOX instruments or purchase more instruments for your copy of GVI please visit

Best Service:
If you are serious about creating truly realistic sounding music, Best Service is just what you need. Best Service has created some of the most famous instruments ever sampled.

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Bigga Giggas:
Bigga Giggas has been creating critically acclaimed professional sound libraries for GigaStudio since 1999; now you can take full advantage of the Bigga Gigga sounds in GVI.

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Larry Seyer:
Finally, you can create sequenced drums that are indistinguishable from live performances. Now you can add nuances never before possible. The drums were recorded using individual strike zones on the surface of each instrument to capture all the nuances of live drumming - and mapped them to individual keys.

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Complete list of the GVI sound set (over 7GB of samples included):

Best Service

  • ArtistDrums
  • CCC Celli Section BASIC KEY XFD
  • ClassicalChoir morph Ooh_Aah
  • EthnoWorld Big Hand Drum
  • EthnoWorld Djembe
  • EthnoWorld Erhu
  • EthnoWorld Gon Bops Cuica
  • EthnoWorld Shiva Flute
  • Smart Violins 140 splitexsample
  • SmartViolins SAW-TOOTH _ C
  • SoundSpectral
  • StringEssentials Dry
  • StringEssentials Staccato Bass Violins
  • TotalPiano Honky Tonk
  • TotalPiano Short Mute


Bigga Gigga

  • Bigga Gigga
  • DX7
  • DX_Rex
  • Airimba Lite
  • Doogie_Lite
  • GateSweeper Lite
  • Geisha Lite
  • Jamaica Lite
  • Orion Pad Lite.gig
  • Procol_Lite.gig
  • Royal Horn Lite
  • Sign_Lite
  • SimpleSweepDX11
  • SmoothOrgan_Lite
  • StepPhaserBass Lite
  • SynBass1_Lite
  • SynBass2_Lite
  • SynBass3_Lite
  • SynBass4_Lite
  • SynBass5_Lite
  • Synth Tom Lite
  • SynthOrgan1_Lite
  • SynthOrgan2_Lite
  • VoxBell_Lite
  • FM_Encyclopedia
  • Clav9
  • Jacaranda_Guitar
  • Fingerpickpick_Guitar
  • Composers Choice
  • Composers Choice SoloViolin



  • Continuous Velocity Piano
  • FULL MODELED - Continuous Velocity Piano


Jim Corrigan

  • Tri-Cone Demo
  • Wood & Metal Body 36-gauge 1 velocity


Larry Seyer

  • Kit 1 Big and Beefy
  • Kit 2 Thunderous
  • Kit 3 Small and Tight
  • LSAD Demo Pool
  • Optimized Montineri Snare


Notre Dame de Budapest

  • Notre Dame de Budapest
  • NDB Cathedral GigaPulse Module
  • NDB Pipe Organ Samples - Stacked combination
  • NDB_GPR - Fonds + Quint
  • NDB_POS - Scharff
  • NDB_REC - Voix Humaine 8'



  • Recorder
  • SampleTekk Tenor Recorder
  • Snare
  • SampleTekk 50's Snare Brush
  • SampleTekk 50's Snare Mallet
  • SampleTekk 50's Snare Stick
  • SampleTekk 50's Snare


SONiVOX (formerly known as Sonic Implants)

  • GVI v1.1
  • Acoustic Bass
  • Acoustic Guitar Chords
  • Acoustic Guitar Tones
  • Afro-Cuban Percussion
  • Alto Saxophone
  • Electro Kits
  • Ensemble Brass Legato
  • Ensemble Strings Legato
  • Ensemble Woodwinds Legato
  • Fender PBass Finger & Slap
  • Fender Rhodes
  • Jazz Organ
  • Orchestral Percussion
  • Rock Organ
  • Studio Kits
  • Synth Basses
  • Synth Leads
  • Synth Pads


Westgate Studios

  • Guitar
  • WS_Guitar
  • Percussion
  • WS_ Percussion
  • Trumpet
  • Medium Hall-Back Center
  • WS_Trumpet