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iM2X - X-Y Stereo Microphone for Apple iOS Devices

This model has been discontinued.


X-Y stereo condenser microphones for iPhone.

Turns your iPhone 4/4S into a high-quality digital recorder!

Main Features
  • X-Y setteing (iM2X) / A-B setting (iM2)
  • The same high-quality stereo condenser microphones as the DR-07MKII and DR-40
  • Sensitivity up to 125dB SPL for peace of mind in the loudest settings
  • Vari-angle structure provide ease-of-use in every environment
  • Mounted AKM AK5357 D/A converter provides top-notch digital transference
  • Ultra light-weight, take it anywhere
  • Dedicated battery is not required


iM2-B (Black)

iM2-W (White)



X-Y setting ideal for the single-source recordings

The X-Y microphone design of the iM2X is suited for single-source recordingssuch as acoustic guitar, drums, announcements and more. Located directly on the iM2X is an Input Level/Clip LED meter to help you monitor your settings.

A-B setting ideal for the multi-source recordings

The iM2 employs an A-B microphone design, ideal for recording ambient stereo recordings like concerts, sound effects, landscape style sounds, ambience and more.
iM2-B (Black) iM2-W (White)

The same high-quality stereo condenser microphones as the DR-07MKII and DR-40

The iM2 and iM2X utilize the same high-quality stereo condenser microphones as the great-sounding, reliable DR-07MKII and DR-40. TASCAM used their decades of experience to ensure that the iM2 and iM2X capture the highest quality sounds.
These products achieve amazing audio quality with a S/N ratio greater than 95dB, wide frequency response and an analog limiter to reduce clipping.

Sensitivity up to 125dB SPL for peace of mind in the loudest settings

The iM2 and iM2X achieved mic sensitivity up to 125dB SPL allowing you to record from the quietest sounds to the loudest with confidence.

Vari-angle structure provide ease-of-use at every environment

Vari-angle structure allows the microphones to rotate 180 degrees, making them well suited for any orientation. Keep your device your jacket pocket, on the table, on a stand or hold it in your hands. A red line located on the iM2 mic capsules shows where the mics are facing.

Mounted AK5357 D/A converter made by AKM provides top-notch digital transference to your iPhone

For amazing audio conversion, the iM2X and iM2 employ an AKM A/D converter to ensure that sound passing through the TASCAM unit to the iOS devices is the best quality possible. Utilizing the AK5357 A/D converter achieves 100dB S/N ratio (@3V, 48kHz) and wide dynamic range.

Ultra light-weight, take it anywhere

The iM2 and iM2X are incredibly compact while still maintaining high-quality sound. You can carry these light-weight and compact products anywhere.

Dedicated battery is not required

The iM2 and iM2X are powered from your devices with minimal drain on your iPhone's battery life. With use of a mini-USB connector you are able to charge your iOS device via the iM2/iM2X for extended recordings.

TASCAM offers free Linear PCM Recording App

TASCAM's free "PCM Recorder" App is available for free on Apple's App Store. The iM2 and iM2X work with nearly all audio designed for the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, but TASCAM recommends the Linear PCM Recorder App for maximum compatibility with your device.

Features List

  • Supports the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPad, iPad 2, iPad (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation)
  • Streo microphone which plug-in 30-pin dock connector
  • Records with CD quality (44.1kHz/16bit, depending on the iOS)
  • Sensitivity up to 125dB SPL
  • Vari-angle structure
  • Analog limiter
  • A/D converter mounted (AKM AK5357)
  • Power supply via dock connector
  • mini-USB connector for recharge the iOS devices
  • Input level control with a rotary volume
  • Input meter (L+R, iM2X only)
  • Ultra light-weight (30g)
  • MFI (made for iPhone/iPad/iPod) certified