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MMP-16 - 16-track MAG replacement that plays Pro Tools® sessions

This model has been discontinued. It has been replaced with the HS-8.


The MMP-16 is similar to the MMR-8, but is a 16 track playback only unit, again designed primarily as a replacement for the mag dubber in post production stages. The MMP-16 still reads the same set of DAW formats, and can also connect to the GUI for familiar DAW layout. MMP-16's are often used for simply playing back tracks, targeting the MMR-8 for mixdown with sample-accurate lock. The controls are all laid out identically, so there is no learning curve in familiarizing yourself with the machine. The MMP-16 also features the same editing capability as the MMR-8, allowing additional cuts, track slipping, etc., to make minor fixes at the last minute.