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T-3000 - Cascadable Cassette Duplicator

This model has been discontinued.


TASCAM's T-3000 provides 3 cassette bays in a single chassis. Copies are made at 4x real time. Since both the A and B side of the cassette copy simultaneously with the T-3000's 4-track heads, the time is cut in half again. A 60 minute cassette then copies in 7.5 minutes.

Multiple T-3000's can be cascaded together using the included cables. Cassette well 3 on the T-3000 can flip between master and slave, allowing the maximum use of each deck. With up to 10 T-3000 duplicators in a chain, that builds out to a 1 to 29 duplication system.

The operation of the decks are made simpe. The transport buttons are reduced to simple rewind, stop, and copy. Also, the cassette bay doors are removed, allowing easy swapping of tapes, and convenient access to the mechanisms for cleaning and demagnetizing.