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US-1800 - 16-in/4-out USB 2.0 Audio Interface

This model has been discontinued. It has been replaced with the US-16x08.


The US-1800 audio interface from TASCAM offers more inputs than any interface in its class. Up to 16 inputs and 4 outputs are transmitted to Mac or Windows over high-speed USB 2.0 connection. The US-1800 features eight XLR microphone inputs with phantom power and 60dB of clean gain. Six balanced line inputs are also provided, as well as stereo S/PDIF digital and MIDI in and out.

Included with the US-1800 is Cubase LE5, the latest workstation software from Steinberg. This 48-track audio workstation includes must-have features like automation, plug-ins, mixing, editing and MIDI tracks. Cubase LE5 uses standard VST plug-ins for adding virtual
instruments and effects.

If you want the most inputs into your computer for the minimum amount of cash, TASCAM's US-1800 is the only choice!

US-1800 rackmountable 16x4 channel interface

TASCAM's US-1800 packs 8 mic, 6 line and two digital inputs into a single rackspace, more inputs than any interface in its price class. The 16-in / 4-out interface works with nearly any recording software from budget to pro, including such as Logic Pro, Live, Nuendo, Digital Performer, Fruity Loops, and Pro Tools 9. Its compact enough to carry to live gigs, or mount it in a rack in your studio.

In addition to the digital input and output, a MIDI input and output is included for interfacing with synths and drum machines. Included with the interface is Cubase LE5 recording software to get you started right out of the box.

Full-featured inputs

US-1800 Inputs

Eight microphone inputs are provided right on the front panel for easy access. Phantom power is available for condenser microphones, and plenty of gain is available for recording virtually any source. Also on the front panel are a pair of 1/4" inputs. Each of these can be switched to instrument level for direct recording of your guitar or bass.

A direct monitor path is available during recording to prevent the delays that can occur when recording to computer. This allows the musician to hear the input directly to the output without any delay so that timing isn't distracted by echos.

A total of six balanced line inputs can be attached using the front and rear panel jacks. A set of balanced line outputs are provided to connect to monitors, and a S/PDIF digital input and output is provided for use with high-end synths and processing gear. A stereo 1/4" headphone jack is also provided for monitoring.

Cubase LE5 Included

Cubase LE5Included with the US-1800 is a copy of Cubase LE6, a 48-track workstation application with the features to create polished productions. VST plug-in support, automated mixing and MIDI tracks allow you to craft large productions without adding any other software.

If you want to use your own software, the US-1800 supports most Mac and Windows software such as Logic Pro, Live, Nuendo, Digital Performer, Fruity Loops, and Pro Tools.