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US-20x20 - USB3.0 Audio MIDI Interface with Mic Pre/Mixer


Performer Magazine

"Excellent selection of I/O, flexible applications, software is user friendly, multi-DAW compatible. Might get overlooked for its live mixer capabilities, which would be a shame."  Read More

Pro Tools Expert

"In this video James takes a look at the Tascam US-2020 Audio Interface, Mic Pre & Digital Mixer. He shows us around the unit then takes it for an audio spin with a partial cover of a soul classic recording Drums, Bass via the DI inputs, Guitars and Vocals.  Take a watch a listen to how Tascam have crammed loads of killer features and great sounding I/O into this 1U box." Read More

Tape Op

"The TASCAM US-20x20 is a nicely spec'd unit with a solid sound. It has enough I/O for almost any home, project, or on- stage recording session, while not skimping on the quality. Plus, you can use it as a multichannel preamp with analog or digital outputs to another interface." Read More