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US-2400 - Plug-and-play DAW Controller with 25 Moving Faders

This model has been discontinued.


Now you can use your mouse for what it's good at and use a control surface for what it's good at: hands-on mixing with lots of real faders, knobs & buttons. The TASCAM US-2400 is the first DAW fader controller with enough faders to handle a typical recording session - and feel like a real mixing console - without lots of bank switching. It makes an ideal control surface for Pro Tools, Logic, Sonar, Cubase, Nuendo or Digital Performer workstation software.

The US-2400 features 24 touch-sensitive moving channel faders and a touch-sensitive motorized master fader, each with 10-bit resolution for precise level control. Each channel has dedicated select, solo and mute controls. Twenty-four rotary encoders are provided, selectable to control pan or aux sends. Plus, all 24 encoders can send standard MIDI controller messages for control of plug-in parameters. Each encoder has a ring of LEDs that can display the current setting or can be set to display channel meters during recording and playback. A set of solid-feeling transport buttons are also provided, as well as a shuttle wheel and a joystick for surround panning. A new software application, Soft LCD, adds on-screen display of track names, parameters and other information being controlled by the US-2400.

Compare it to any other control surface on the market today (and the extra expanders you'd have to buy to get 24 motorized faders) and you'll discover that the US-2400 gives you more control for the money.