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VL-X5 - Bi-Amplified Nearfield

This model has been discontinued.


TASCAM's VL-X5 bi-amplified nearfield studio monitor is the perfect choice for recording studios, home and project studios, and any other application needing accurate audio playback in a small package.

The VL-X5's extraordinary sound quality can be attributed to its components and how they work together. A custom designed 1-inch silk high frequency driver and a 5.25-inch low frequency driver are coupled with 30 and 60 watt power amplifiers made especially for the VL-X5, giving you crisp, tight highs and rich deep bass. Flat frequency response up to 22kHz makes the VL-X5 a great mixing and mastering monitor. Magnetic shielding means you can safely place a pair of VL-X5s next to your DAW computer screen, and the Acoustic Space Control allows you to place the monitors against a wall or in tight studio corners.

In all, the VL-X5's impressive specifications translate into a much larger and clearer sound field than most monitors in its class.