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TASCAM sponsors technical support and equipment for Voicy Fes'21


Leading Japanese audio distribution media company, Voicy, hosted Voicy Fes'21 for five days from October 27, 2021, to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the audio streaming platform service named by the same name. Conversation topics were set for every 5 categories, leading to more than 50 conversations by the many personalities active on the platform over the five days of the event, which allowed listeners to listen to several interesting and stimulating conversations.

TASCAM products were used at each booth for the streaming, including the Mixcast 4 Podcast Station with built-in recorder/USB audio interface.



The Mixcast 4 and Model 12 were installed in each of the two booths, where they were used as a mixer to play background music and jingles as well as microphone audio of the personalities.



Since Voicy is a smartphone service, the audio was streamed via the TASCAM iXZ audio interface from the Mixcast 4 and Model 12 main outputs.

We’d like to thank Mr. Kubota and Mr. Kitajima for their cooperation as the 5-day event was a great success.

Voicy Fes'21 - A Festival of Voices Changing the World


Products used

Mixcast 4Mixcast 4
Model 12Model 12