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TASCAM 50th Anniversary!

We are truly honored to announce the celebration of TASCAM’s 50 year anniversary in 2021.

Since our birth, TASCAM has released several epoch-making products inspired by the passion between TASCAM and our customers, driven by the persistence to seek artistic creativity, high quality sound, and better results.

Today 50 years from our birth, trends have come and gone, people have changed, but our passion to produce creative products with the finest sound have continually grown day after day.

We would like to thank our customers for their deep support which has enabled us to evolve and adopt our passion for products that produce the best in creativity and sound.

In 2021, our 50th anniversary marks a huge milestone in TASCAM history. As a tribute, we will release several new milestone products. This will continue our desire to create the best sound-making tools, and support the creativity of our customers all over the world establishing a new era of TASCAM.



    The TASCAM DR-10L is the category leader for ultra-compact digital recorder/lavalier microphone systems, and TASCAM made it even better.

    Included with the TASCAM DR-10L is award-winning iZotope RX audio production and repair tool. Learn how to put the final professional polish on your DR-10L recordings!

  • Show Your TASCAM

    As part of our 50th celebration, we want to see you and your TASCAM product. Tag us on Instagram: @tascam_official and use hashtag #TASCAM50


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