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DR-680 - 8-track Portable Digital Recorder

This model has been discontinued. It has been replaced with the DR-680MKII.


TEC Award Nominated DR-680TASCAM's DR-680 brings multi-channel portable recording within reach of any musician for polished live, location and surround recordings. Up to eight tracks can be recorded to solid-state SD card media at 96kHz/24-bit Broadcast WAV quality. Six mic inputs provide phantom power and 60dB of gain for great-sounding recordings with your condenser microphones. Record the six microphones along with a digital S/PDIF source for 8 track recording. Each mic input has a selectable low cut filter and analog limiter for optimal sound.

Inputs can be monitored using a built-in mixer with level and pan controls for each input. The stereo mixdown can even be recorded along with the six mics for quick stereo playback of the event. There's even a built-in speaker to check recordings without headphones.

In addition to WAV recording up to 96kHz, the DR-680 captures stereo audio at 192kHz/24-bit for audiophile-quality masters. The DR-680 records up to four channels of MP3 audio for web-ready recordings. Two of the recorders can be connected with a cascade cable for up to 14-track recording on battery power.

Multi-channel portable recording has never been as simple or affordable as the TASCAM DR-680.

The optional, weather-resistant CS-DR680 case prepares your DR-680 for recording in the field, with velcro straps that reveal only what's needed during recording. A case by PortaBrace is also available.  

If you don't need 8 channels, take a look at the DR-100 with its two sets of built-in microphones. Also available from TASCAM, the HS-P82 offers multi-channel recording with timecode, more recording tracks, color touch screen interface, multi-channel digital I/O and more.

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