TEAC Corporation's Profile, Business Profile, List of Executives.

Company Summary
Head Quarter 1-47 Ochiai, Tama-shi, Tokyo 206-8530, Japan
Fondation August 26, 1953
Capital ¥ 3,500,000,000
Listing First section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (stock code: 6803)
Fiscal Year From April 1 to March 31 of the following year
CEO President & CEO Yuji Hanabusa
Employees 666 consolidated ( March 31, 2019 )
Enterprise Summary
Audio Products Business High-end audio products
General audio products
Audio equipment for Music production & Professional audio products
Information Products Business Recording and reproducing equipment for aircrafts
Medical image recording and reproducing products
Measurement products (Transducers, Data recorders)
Solutions business
Optical drives for industrial market

June, 2018 update

Company Officers
Representative Director, CEO Yuji Hanabusa
Director, CFO Yoshihide Nomura
Director Henry E. Juszkiewicz
Director David Berryman
Director James Robert Curleigh
Director Kimberly Suzanne Mattoon
Director Bryan David Follis
Director John Alexander Campbell
Executive Director,
Audit & Supervisory Committee member
Kunihiko Yoshimura
Audit & Supervisory Committee member,
Independent Officer
Takumi Hara
Audit & Supervisory Committee member,
Independent Officer
Yoji Sakaguchi
Senior Executive Officer Keisuke Yoshida
Executive Officer Nobuo Wada
Executive Officer Koichiro Nakamura
Executive Officer Shinya Yoshino
Executive Officer Kenji Hayashi
Executive Officer Hiroshi Tokushige

June 21, 2019 update

Organisation Chart

March 1, 2019 update