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TASCAM Announces V1.5 Firmware Update for the Sonicview 16XP/24XP Digital Recording and Mixer

Announcement Regarding V1.5.0 Firmware for TASCAM Sonicview XP Series

The TASCAM Sonicview XP series "Firmware V1.5.0" released on October 18, 2023 has been temporarily suspended due to the following issue.

TASCAM has released a further firmware update V1.5.2 which fixes issues found in update V1.5.0.

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Increased functionality fosters greater creative freedom.

TASCAM Soicview


Santa Fe Springs, CA – October 2023... TASCAM is pleased to announce the Version 1.5 firmware update for the company's Sonicview 16XP/24XP Digital Recording and Mixing Consoles. With the V1.5 update, the Sonicview digital consoles gain important enhancements designed to improve overall functionality—resulting in greater creative opportunity, particularly for broadcast professionals involved in studio work, relay programming, or live programming.

TASCAM Sonicview consoles integrate beautifully into the most sophisticated production environments—thanks to their included 64-In/64-Out Dante interface, a 32-bit/96 kHz multi-channel USB audio interface, built-in 32-track multi-track SD recording* (*standard in the US market only as "XP" model), Class 1 HDIA Premium mic preamplifiers, and wealth of I/O. These recording mixers offer no-compromise audio quality, including a 96 kHz, 54-bit float FPGA mixing engine, continuous high-definition 96 kHz sampling, and 32-bit analog-to-digital converters. The mixing engine's float-point processing makes it possible to flexibly change levels without compromising resolution, and the FPGA mixing engine ensures ultra-low latency of 0.51ms, even in analog-to-analog connections. The result is no-compromise performance, including with Dante networks and in-line monitoring systems.

The V1.5 firmware update includes the following improvements—by category:

Enhanced Communication Functions...

This update adds a MONITOR 2 section—facilitating both MONITOR 1 and MONITOR 2 for greater flexibility. Additionally, a Monitor1 / 2 Direct Output signal to the OUTPUT ROUTER—with a level control function—has also been added. This new function provides greater flexibility and control over how monitor signals can be managed. Providing more versatility, the V1.5 update now provides the capability for a TALKBACK input source to be selected from any INPUT SOURCE. This TALKBACK signal can be output to one's choice of Mix 1 – 22 buses, the Main L/R output, and can be added to the EXT 1 /2 direct output.

Enhanced Output Router...

The V1.5 update adds dimmer functions for TALKBACK, MONITOR1, MONITOR 2 and the output bus, which is assigned as the talkback target. Equally noteworthy, a Solo Direct Output function has been added, which can be assigned via an OUTPUT ROUTER. These new capabilities significantly enhance one's ability to create and control various monitoring functions.

New Parameters for Enhanced USER Defined Control...

As part of the company's ongoing efforts to provide greater USER Defined Control using the Sonicview eighteen User Keys, there are new Monitor and TALKBACK function assignments. As part of this, an oscillator (OSC) On / Off function has also been added. These features give the broadcaster various benefits for their workflow, along with the new enhanced communication functions.

Added Location Function...

A new function is added for studio and broadcast applications. A monitor speaker can now be automatically muted when an input microphone is sensed. As an example of how this function improves the mixing environment, imagine a small radio station: when the DJ mic is ON, the monitor speaker is muted automatically.

Faster Snapshot Memory Loading...

Additionally, this update includes Improvement of Snapshot recall transition time for quick loading—making it easier to access pre-defined setups.

Additional Updates...

The new V1.5 update adds Sync clock accuracy High or Normal for the internal Dante input and the Slot input. Users will also appreciate the new Solo/Mute Fader transition time option, which can be set to Default/Mid/Slow.

These various enhancements to the Sonicview operating system result in a significant overall refinement of an already exceptional mixing environment. Complimentary to these enhancements is the Sonicview Control app. The Sonicview Control app for MacOS, Windows, and iPad iOS will be updated for better remote capability.

To acquire the V1.5 firmware update for the Sonicview 16XP/24XP Digital Recording and Mixing Consoles, visit the following URL: Sonicview 24XP, Sonicview 16XP