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TASCAM Announces the BD-MP1MKII Professional Grade Blu-Ray Player

Second generation unit builds upon the success of the original

Santa Fe Springs, CA... TASCAM is pleased to announce the BD-MP1MKII Professional Grade Blu-Ray Player, the second-generation offering that builds upon the success of the company's popular BD-MP1. With a rich feature set and intuitive operation, the new BD-MP1MKII is an ideal choice for a wide range of high-end residential and commercial installations, including educational lecture halls, meeting spaces, theaters, dining facilities, retail stores and more.

The compact, 1-U rack mountable BD-MP1MKII supports a wide range of media formats via Blu-ray, DVD, and CD discs as well as playback of multiple video, still image, and audio formats from SD cards and USB memory—enabling users to incorporate a rich selection of content from a variety of sources. Supported media and file formats include Blue-ray, DVD, CD, Video, Image, and Audio. As an upgrade to the original BD-MP1, the BD-MP1MKII's SD card maximum capacity has been increased from SDHC (32GB) to SDXC (512GB) and as a result, can handle significantly more data.

Equally notable, the BD-MP1MKII's Power-on Play feature enables content to automatically begin playing immediately on power up, without having to engage the unit's Play feature. With Power-on Play active and Repeat Mode set to 'On,' content will automatically start, loop, and play continuously until the system power is turned off—making the BD-MP1MKII an exceptional choice for providing content without users having to constantly check on the unit. Further, the BD-MP1MKII provides a seamless Repeat function that can be defined by chapter, title, or A-B repetition.

Another notable BD-MP1MKII feature is the Hide Menu function, which facilitates customization of the display monitor's boot up process. With Hide Menu enabled, the monitor display screen can be set to display a black screen during start up rather than displaying the manufacturer's standard factory setup screen and source select menus. This feature prevents any unwanted visual distractions during system start-up.

The BD-MP1MKII's connectivity and interaction attributes are comprehensive and well-designed. With both XLR balanced outputs and RCA unbalanced outputs, the player can be interconnected with most any signal mixing and amplification system. System integrators will also appreciate the player's HDMI output that can pass through audio formats such as Dolby Atmos and DTS-HD to an AV amplifier. As a result, by using an AV amplifier that supports Dolby Atmos and DTS-HD, it is possible to build a surround system for these formats. For easy access to content, the BD-MP1MKII provides USB memory ports on both the front and rear panels.

The BD-MP1MKII also provides a Coaxial digital audio output that supports Dolby Audio, DTS, and other professional grade digital audio output formats. Further, the BD-MP1MKII provides a 7-channel output array to support the creation of a 7.1 Surround Sound System. Outputs include front left and right (FL/FR), Center (C), side left and right (SL/SR), surround back left and right (SBL/SBR) and subwoofer (SW).

In addition to its comprehensive connectivity provisions, the BD-MP1MKII also offers external remote control via LAN or RS-232C. The LAN port facilitates Ethernet to streamline connectivity for integrated system control and operation while the unit's RS-232C port enables seamless, reliable two-way status feedback and control.

While the BD-MP1MKII's rich feature set is fully accessible via front panel control, there are also important provisions to prevent unintended changes. To protect the BD-MP1MKII from accidental setting changes or unauthorized use, the player provides a Panel Lock button on the front panel. Additionally, IR (Infrared) and tray lock functions prevent accidental or user-error operation or alteration of pre-set controls in commercial installations, helping ensure consistent and reliable performance in any environment. Further, while the BD-MP1MKII offers extensive front panel access to its assorted features, users will also appreciate the included RC-BDMP1MKII IR remote control.

The new TASCAM BD-MP1MKII Professional Grade Blu-Ray Player is a versatile and extremely capable player that builds upon the success of the BD-MP1 while providing enhanced functionality and versatility—making it a feature rich, performance enhanced unit that is ideal for today's sophisticated commercial installations. To learn more about the TASCAM BD-MP1MKII, visit https://tascam.com/us/product/bd-mp1mkii/.