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The TASCAM Mixcast 4 Podcast Station is Central to Producer/Presenter Cristina Gomez' Podcast Work

Comprehensive feature set makes content creation more intuitive

Santa Fe Springs, CA – February 2022... For those with an interest in Ufology (the investigation of unidentified flying objects "UFOs"), Producer/Presenter Cristina Gomez's work is already well known. In addition to focusing on her BA in Business and Communication in college, she is a Producer and Presenter for The Debrief, a news media company, along with her own YouTube channel and podcast called Paradigm Shifts, which is syndicated and streamed globally by The 'X', KUNX Digital Broadcasting Talk Radio Network. Gomez started podcasting because she wanted to get firsthand answers from experts in the Ufology field, and central to all her work is the Mixcast 4 Podcast Station and TH-05 Headphones from TASCAM.

Cristina's podcast and show called Shifting the Paradigm has two shows a week. On Shifting the Paradigm, she speaks to academics, former government officials, UFO researchers, enthusiasts, and witnesses—asking questions from a Gen Z perspective. The second show is called Mysteries with a History, where she and her Co-Host Jimmy Church from Fade To Black Radio discuss everything that falls into the paranormal and supernatural. When it comes to podcasting, Cristina wants to give her audience the best possible quality, hence her preference for the Mixcast 4.

"While podcasting is certainly not about the equipment, it most definitively makes a difference in terms of the production quality for both live and pre-recorded content," she explained. "I had been using the TH-05 headphones for several months and had a very positive experience with them. The audio quality is excellent, they do a great job of cancelling out noise, and they fit well. A good fit is important so as not to be distracted during production or when you're conducting interviews. Knowing TASCAM has a proven track record in recording equipment and that the Mixcast 4 was specifically designed for podcast production, I decided this would make a good choice for my work."

When queried about those Mixcast 4 aspects that are most appealing to her, Gomez offered the following thoughts. "I love how easy it is to handle music fade ins while people are talking or when signaling a break or the end of a show. The faders feel great in the hand, which makes it easy to execute a professional sounding fade in or fade out. I also appreciate the Mixcast 4's ability to accommodate up to four microphones and headsets. This and the ability to connect call-ins with echo-free audio via Bluetooth for those times when you need to remotely accommodate guests provides plenty of capability for group sessions."

"A lot of preparation and work goes into the process of creating podcasts," Gomez added. "Collecting information takes time, after which questions and notes are written—and then the thumbnails and graphics need to be made. Lastly, after the show is finished recording, editing needs to be done in post-production, followed by SEO (search engine optimization) for each video produced. The TASCAM Podcast Editor software is a great tool for post-production work because it makes it easy to transfer your work to a PC."

Before shifting her focus back to the preparation for an upcoming podcast, Gomez shared some final thoughts, "I think it's important to add that the owner's manual and other documentation on the TASCAM website does a great job of helping you learn the ins and outs of working with the Mixcast 4. I haven't needed to call TASCAM tech support because the manual makes things very self-explanatory. The Mixcast 4 adds a level or professionalism to my podcasts that I had never experienced—in a surprisingly compact package. For me, it has terrific feature set, and the included software makes it easy to interface with a computer. For anyone with a vested interest in podcasting, the TASCAM Mixcast 4 is tough to beat!"

To learn more about Cristina Gomez, visit her online at https://beacons.ai/cristinagomez. For information about the TASCAM Mixcast 4, go to https://tascam.com/us/product/mixcast_4/top.