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TASCAM is pleased to offer owners of older audio interfaces a special opportunity to upgrade to a new modern TASCAM audio interface. Please see the special offers on this page.

June 1, 2024 - July 31, 2024

* Price includes shipping to continental US only.
* Local sales tax not included.
* Prices subject to change without notice.

The qualifications and instructions are as follows. 
  • To qualify you must be:
  • ・A resident of the US only 
  • ・Have a US shipping address
  • ・Be the owner of an old audio interface and tell us the model and serial number
  • ・No additional discounts available including but not limited to coupon codes or other promotions
  • To participate, here are the instructions.
  • 1) Download the shipping and transaction form by clicking here: https://tascam.com/downloads/_tca/up_interface202310.pdf
  • 2) Fill in the form, save it, and send via email to : tascamorders@teac.com
  • 3) You will be charged for the price as stated on this page, along with sales tax based on your shipping destination.
  • If you have questions, email tascamorders@tascam.com or call TASCAM at 323 726 0303 extension 584.
  • To check if any of the upgrade audio interfaces have “freebies” available with purchase, click here: https://tascam.com/us/special/promos
  • Once you receive your new upgraded audio interface, register your product and claim “freebies” (if available) here: https://www.tfaforms.com/4735570
  • TASCAM Upgrade Your Audio Interface return policy
  • 1) Returns are limited to 10 days after receipt of the product.
  • 2) Refund will not include shipping and handling charges.
  • 3) To request a return, contact  tascamra@teac.com
  • 4) Do not send the product back without pre-authorization and instructions from TASCAM.
  • 5) Customer is responsible for any return shipping charges.
  • 6) Product must be returned in unused condition with original packaging and all internal items such as owners manual, software licenses, power supply.
  • 7) Any bundled software licenses must be unregistered and unused.