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TASCAM Debuts the DR-10L Pro


32-bit float Field Recorder and Lavalier Microphone

DR-10L Pro


Santa Fe Springs, CA... TASCAM is pleased to announce the introduction of the DR-10L Pro 32-bit float Field Recorder and Lavalier Microphone. Building upon the strengths of the previous generation DR-10L Micro Linear PCM Recorder, the new DR-10L Pro is an ultra-compact, lightweight, portable 32-bit float recorder with clip-on microphone. Featuring exceptional sound quality, long battery life, provisions for remote control, the ability to sync to timecode and more, the DR-10L Pro makes an exceptional choice to record premium audio for events like weddings, on-location cinema shoots, YouTube/content videos, and general dialog interviews where the rock-solid capability of a wired lavalier recorder is proven and assured.

The DR-10L Pro's default 32-bit float recording mode employs dual ADCs to capture sounds across a huge dynamic range without distorting or introducing excessive noise—making it a great choice to capture a whisper, a scream, and everything in-between with impeccable fidelity, ultra-low noise, and no need to fine-tune gain levels. The included TM-10L lavalier microphone captures clear, detailed audio while handling loud sound pressure levels without distorting. The TM-10L microphone is the perfect lavalier mic for the DR-10L Pro's 32-bit float recording mode.

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The DR-10L Pro's ultra-compact and lightweight form factor makes it the perfect choice when stealth is a priority. Fitting in the palm of one's hand and weighing in at just 65 grams, this recorder is easy to hide at film shoots, weddings, stage performances, and similar events where invisibility is crucial. The included belt clip attaches easily and securely to clothing, facilitating the capture of great sounding audio without compromising the talent.


The new DR-10L also benefits from exceptional, long duration battery-enabled shooting sessions. Just two Lithium AAA batteries can power the DR-10L Pro personal recorder for up to 24.5 hours (16 hours with Alkaline batteries), minimizing concerns over battery changes during the shoot that could interrupt workflow. In addition to its excellent battery duration time, the DR-10L Pro offers huge storage capacity, with support for microSDXC cards up to 512GB. Combined, the system offers both exceptional recording time and storage capability.

DR-10L Pro App

Field recording specialists will certainly appreciate the fact that up to five DR-10L Pro units can be remotely controlled using the optionally available AK-BT1 Bluetooth dongle. DR-10L Pro recorders can be controlled from iOS, iPadOS and Android devices wirelessly with the free DR-10L Pro CONNECT app. In addition to controlling up to five DR-10L Pro units remotely, the DR-10L Pro CONNECT app enables videographers to check device status and view the recorded waveforms real time for operation confirmation. Names and colors can be applied to individual devices for easy identification. Also, Metadata (project name, scene name, take number) can be recorded in the recording file (BEXT, iXML).

For those requiring timecode synchronization, the optional AK-BT1 Bluetooth dongle also enables the DR-10L Pro to wirelessly sync timecode with supported Atomos products. This enables videographers to perfectly align audio recordings with video, even when there is no audio on the camera. Timecode is crucial when videographers are dealing with multi-camera video shoots, and it saves valuable time in post-production.

Audio technicians will also appreciate the DR-10L Pro's high-visibility OLED display, which enables one to confirm settings at a glance. This display makes it easy to check battery level, recording status, and input levels, with all advanced functions only a couple button presses away. And because of TASCAM's long experience in this field, there are no irritating LED lights on the product which can leak through fabric and compromise a shot, especially at nighttime.

DR-10L Pro Timecode

Just as the DR-10L makes it easy to confirm various settings, it is equally easy to monitor input and recordings. The DR-10L Pro is equipped with a headphone output for monitoring convenience. This provides the ability to monitor the input before or during recording, and check the quality of the recordings immediately without having to first transfer them to a computer.

In addition to its comprehensive feature set, the DR-10L Pro is bundled with a complimentary version of RX Elements, iZotope's groundbreaking audio repair and noise reduction software. RX Elements brings videographers powerful audio restoration capabilities that must be experienced to be fully appreciated. With RX Elements, the ability to seamlessly remove coughs and background noises, as well as reducing wind and ambient noise is just a few clicks away. For addressing a variety of post-production challenges, RX Elements is the ideal choice. Equally notable, the new DR-10L Pro provides a USB Type-C port that enables connecting an extra battery as well as facilitating easy data exchange with computers.

The TASCAM DR-10L Pro package includes the following items:
- DR-10L Pro
- Belt clip
- USB cable (Type A – Type C)
- TM-10L Lavalier microphone
- Microphone clip
- Windscreen
- Start-up guide (including warranty)
- TASCAM ID registration guide
- iZotope RX Elements download card

Yosuke Matsuno, General Manager TASCAM Business Unit reflected on the new DR-10L Pro, "The DR-10L Pro is a remarkably capable recorder and lavalier system with an equally impressive compact form factor. And with its app control including wireless timecode synchronization capabilities using Atomos products, the system provides a wide range of creative opportunities for capturing world-class audio. I'm confident the DR-10L Pro will find a home with many audio professionals."

Paul Scurrell, SVP Product at Atomos commented, "We're delighted to have another market-leading TASCAM recorder supporting the Atomos AirGlu BT wireless timecode sync ecosystem. The DR-10L Pro will be the perfect partner for our customers using our UltraSync Blue, Ninja V / V+ with Atomos Connect module and the Shogun Connect - even shooting video with the Atomos Pro Camera iOS app which supports AirGlu BT timecode. Many different use cases for our joint customers!"



DR-10L Pro