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Repair Reception Desk

For Repair Services, Please use the Repair counters list below or the Contact Form.

About Malfunction Repair and Maintenance

For Inquiries about Malfunction Repair and Maintenance please refer to the following

About Product Warranty

  • You will find the warranty document with the Product, please keep it.
  • Please make sure that the product warranty states the shop name where you purchased the product as well as the date of purchase, then please keep it with you.
  • The warranty period is one year from the date of purchase. During the warranty period, any TEAC repair center will repair it for you without charge.
  • After the warranty period or for repair without presentation of the warranty document, a charge will be made. For more details, please consult your dealer or a TEAC Repair Center.
  • If you encounter any problem regarding functionality, you sould stop using it immediatly, unplug the power, take out the battery and contact the place where you purchased your product or call our Repair center.
  • If you ask for a repair, please let us know the following.
    • Model Name, model Number
    • Production Number (serial number)
    • Description of failure (as much as possible for more information)
    • Purchase date
    • Purchase Shop Name