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An interview with Larry Seyer, Why learngigastudio.com

Why did you start LearnGigaStudio.com?

I started it because of the complexity of GigaStudio and the need for some training for users who need some help getting started with it

GigaStudio is a very powerful and complex program and to someone who is new to it could be a bit overwhelming for them. So making a website that shows videos on how to use GigaStudio seemed like a natural.

Many people love the sound of my drums and want to use them but don't really know much about GigaStudio... so showing them how to use the program helps me in a round-about way...

Are videos free on LearnGigaStudio.com?

Yes, about half of them of given away for free... All that is required is that a visitor register at the site and they are given access to the free videos.

The rest of the videos can be purchased separately or if they prefer, they can sign up for our "unlimited downloads" area. When they do that, they have access to ALL of our videos in multiple formats (WMV and MP4). They also gain access to the new videos that we are producing which include training on GVI and using GS3 with sample libraries in real world situations.

We also sell DVD versions of the videos for those who are on dial-up or would prefer to have hard copies of the lessons.

How much do the videos cost?

The videos range from a couple of dollars up to $5 if purchased separately. If they prefer DVD copies, we sell Volume I and Volume II as a set for $59.

The "unlimited downloads" area is $60 for 6 months, but gets cheaper as you buy more. So for $10/month (or less) you get access to ALL of our videos... GS3, GVI, and the real world examples videos.

What are some of the real world examples videos you are working on?

We've recently done some videos showing how to use GigaPulse with the samples that come with GigaStudio in order to make them sound better. It is amazing what you can do with GigaPulse to make dry samples come to life.

What we would like to do is show some real world examples of using GS3 with some of the sample libraries available that do not come with GS3. We have some in the works, but they are not finished yet.

You started a forum also?

Yes, it seemed like a natural to start a forum for users to share ideas, help each other and the like. So we did that too... The forum is totally free.

One of the great things about the forum is that TASCAM visits there regularly. They read the posts, answer questions and stuff. It's not a support forum, but you can get help there.

There even a place to upload MP3 files of works by users... kind of a show place for GS3 and GVI users.