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Montebello, CA - May 2017...  

Since its introduction last year, TASCAM's MiNiSTUDIO Series of audio interfaces has become a favorite with podcasters of all stripes. The US-32 MiNiSTUDIO Personal and the US-42 MiNiSTUDIO Creator have been changing the way podcasters create their content, delivering an easy to use, professional quality interface with real time effects in a rugged, compact design.

Now, with the introduction of the new Version 2.1 update, TASCAM is about to change the world of online gaming and streaming audio as well.

 Available now, MiNiSTUDIO version 2.1 includes updated drivers and firmware, as well as an updated user interface application for both for MacOS and Windows. This update adds a host of new features designed to take the MiNiSTUDIO to a whole different level.

Featuring a powerful new driver architecture optimized for popular videoconferencing applications such Skype and Google Hangouts, The TASCAM MiNiSTUDIO is able to deliver studio quality sound along with real-time voice processing, special effects and audio sharing, without the echo and feedback issues that have long plagued computer based communications. In addition, this new architecture, along with the creative possibilities inherent in the TASCAM MiNiSTUDIO, makes this the ideal counterpart for powerful game streaming platforms like Gameshow, Telestream's industry-leading broadcast application for online gamers.

"TASCAM's MiNiSTUDIO is a game changing, full-featured interface that's perfect for Gameshow users," added Telestream's  Product Manager of Live Streaming Solutions, Bryce Stejskal. "This update adds support for the sophisticated audio routing and flexibility that content creators demand, while also providing an incredibly powerful - and cool! - way for gamers to take control of their audio experience. A perfect blend between power, and ease-of-use. We're excited to explore the possibilities for the MiNiSTUDIO with our online community."

In addition to these new audio routing configurations, MiNiSTUDIO Version 2.1 includes a new Audio Ducking feature which will automatically lower the volume of background music or game sounds when the user begins speaking into the microphone.

TASCAM MiNiSTUDIO Version 2.1 is available as a free download now at www.tascam.com/product/us-42/downloads/ and www.tascam.com/product/us-32/downloads/



TASCAM is the professional audio division of TEAC Corporation and produces the most comprehensive line of audio recorders, mixers and related equipment in the professional audio industry. TASCAM has offices in the U.S., Germany, Japan, Mexico and Latin America. 

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